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What Does a Living Trust Do?

It can help ensure that your assets will be managed according to your wishes – even if you become unable to manage them yourself.

Is a Trust Good for Everyone?

No. If you are married and do not have significant assets and no children, you do not necessarily need a living trust.

Who Should I Appoint as Trustee?

Choosing the right trustee to act on your behalf is very important. Your trustee will have considerable authority and responsibility and will not be under direct court supervision.

Are there disadvantages to a Trust?

Yes. A trustee may, in some cases, be able to take advantage of you.

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A living trust is a written legal document that not only partially substitutes for a will, in many cases it eliminates a person's reliance on a will. In order to provide lasting comfort and peace of mind, most people who utilize a living trust transfer their assets (which can include a home, bank accounts and stocks, for example) into their trust, and then administer it for their own benefit during their lifetime. Years later, upon your passing, those assets that were transferred into your trust will then transfer to your beneficiaries without the need for probate court and associated legal fees.

  • % of Caucasian Families Without a Trust or Will

    According to LexisNexis

  • % of African American Families Without a Trust or Will

    According to LexisNexis

  • % of Hispanic Families Without a Trust or Will

    According to LexisNexis

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